Company Profile

Shaztec & A. Winkel-Nayyar Trading is internationally recognized for procurement , outsourcing and services that cover the entire spectrum of desalination & industrial components (for desalination and industrial plants).

For over last three decades, the company is successfully fulfilling the procurement requirement of Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), the world's largest desalinated water producer organization.

With our outstanding outsourcing in United States of America , North America, Europe and Japan , we can supply your any demand of industrial equipment, accessories and spare parts at low cost and shorter delivery time.

Obsolete or no longer deliverable components are not a problem for Shaztec & A. Winkel-Nayyar Trading. With our 27 years experiences and knowledge we can source and find all those items which are no longer available in the market.

We do have excellent ability and skills to obtain discount prices from our manufacturers, and in some cases quite lower, than our competitors. That allows us to quote our client a lower net cost.

For the last two years our sister company Shaztec Inc . Canada is successfully covering North America 's spare parts market to supply our clients the very best service and competitively lower prices. Within just two years of its establishment, Shaztec is doing wonder full job of managing all levels of procurement services as well as providing industrial components and supplies.

In the very near future Shaztec & A. Winkel-Nayyar Trading intend to open branch offices in Japan , South Korea and Middle East .

We are committed to provide personalized service, product knowledge and industry experience to improve our customers and suppliers businesses.



Desalination & Power Plants
Oil & Gas Division
Spare Parts

Business Area:

I&C, Electrical and Mechanical OEM Components, Parts and Machinery Supply from USA, CANADA, EUROPE, JAPAN & SOUTH KOREA for the Manufacturers, Contractors, End Users.